There are many professions on Mystic Adventure. The differences between them are not always as great as you might think. In the beginning, there were the basic four: Fighter, Mage, Thief, and Cleric. Most of the available professions are mixes between two of them, a few are new. The pure professions are the more powerful, but more specialized.

It is hard to choose, but do not despair. It would be best if you choose a profession that fits your personality. If you are mischievous, pick a thief. If you are big and outspoken, pick a warrior. And so on...You can always start over again with a new character. The easiest type of characters for new mudders to play are perhaps the Fighters, as they depend almost exclusively on weapons. Mages on the other hand, have to use spells in order to survive. So, check out the information below, including the player reviews, and pick what looks fun. That's the whole point, of course.

Pure Professions

Name  Prime stat Description
Bard (BAR) Wisdom Masters of song and story.
Cleric (CLE) Wisdom A cleric is a spellcaster knowledgeable in the ways of healing and protection.
Crusader (CRU) Wisdom Crusaders are holy warriors who follow either the path of good or evil.
Mage (MAG) Intelligence A mage is also a spellcaster, knowledgeable in the ways of offensive spells rather than in healing.
Native (NAT) Dexterity A native is a denizen of the natural world, adept at the old forgotten crafts and forms of spell-weaving.
Psionicist (PSI) Wisdom The Psionicist profession is a spellcasting profession similar to Mages and Clerics, with several important differences. Where a Mage's power comes from harnessing external energies present in all matter, and a Cleric's comes from his or her deity, the Psionicistderives all of his or her power from within. The Psionicist harnesses, shapes, and utilizes the natural forces which infuse his or her own being. As a result, many of the devotions that a Psionicist can practice are strictly personal in effect, and cannot be used on other players.
Thief (THI) Dexterity Thieves are just that, thieves. They are skilled in the art of camouflage and assassination. They also know how to make powerful poisons.
Warrior (WAR) Strength Warriors are big and tough. They are skilled in the art of combat using physical attacks. They charge into any battle without fear. They cannot, however, use any kind of scroll, wand, staff, etc.

Mixed Professions

Name  Prime stat Description
Adept (ADE) Wisdom An Adept is a mixture of Cleric and Mage. They are known throughout the realms as the experimenting magicians and have developed numerous healing, travelling and offensive spells makes them a threat to any foe. They are also master scroll-makers.
Bandit (BAN) Dexterity Bandit is a mixture of Thief and Cleric. Bandits are skilled in the ways of healing and assassination.
Brigand (BRI) Dexterity A Brigand is a mixture of Thief and 1 Mage. Brigands are skilled in assassination and spell casting. They have many unique spells and skills.
Caster (CAS) Intelligence A Caster is a mixture of Mage and Thief. They are masters of storms and spheres and can control the forces of nature herself.
Druid (DRU) Intelligence A Druid is a mixture of Mage and Cleric. Like their counterpart, Adepts, they are also skilled in healing and protection. Their power comes from the elemental magic of the trees and forests they prefer to wander.
Mercenary (MER) Strength Mercenary is a mixture of Warrior and Thief, specializing in physical attacks.
Priest (PRI) Wisdom Priest is a mixture of Cleric and Thief. Priests are skilled in the ways of healing and thievery. Priests also have many utility spells.
Samurai (SAM) Strength Samurai is a mixture of Warrior and Cleric. They are masters of the ancient fighting arts.
Warlock (WRK) Intelligence A Warlock is a mixture of Mage and Warrior. These necromantic warriors are skilled in the ways of physical combat, but unlike the Warrior they picked up a few books and studied. Because then are literate, they're able to cast spells.
Warlord (WRD) Strength A Warlord is a mixture of Warrior and Mage. These warrior kings are skilled in combat with both physical and magical attacks.