Crusaders are Warrior-Clerics. They roam the world to spread their beliefs, if need be at the point of their swords. As a specialized Cleric they have some healing and protection magic, but they have considerable physical combat abilities as well. Crusaders also have the ability to make strong magical armor and weapons, which last for a certain period. A Crusader's prime stat is wisdom.

Player Review by Abigayle

Long goes the debate of the Crusader. Are they Cleric-warriors? Or Warrior-clerics? Whichever your belief, it won't change the fact that Crusaders are the physical presence behind the churches. With the ability to create weapons and armor from seeming nothingness to aide in their struggles, they bloody battlefields and are able to aide the wounded and dying as well.

Casting aside the fact that I have played a Crusader more than any profession, I believe there is no other class that can now compare. The creation of weapons (Sword of Righteousness +25/+26) and of armor (Spiritual Armor –200 ac) coupled with Third Attack, does make the Crusader a profession not to take lightly. That is only the beginning. The ability to Heal makes staves and potions unnecessary. Sanctuary allows the Crusader the means to protect their physical bodies. Let's not forget Dispel Magic, Blindness and a host of other utilities that allow the Crusader to see invisible, hidden, good and evil as well as the ability to fly and cure poisons. Along comes a minor revamp and the addition of 5 more Crusader unique spells: Kamarupa, a spell that creates a fountain of holy/unholy water that washes over the drinker with varying effects based on alignment of the caster. Holy Rage, a self-targeting spell that hastens the player and increases hit roll. Shield of Faith, a modified armor spell that gives a bit more definition to the Crusader in the utility category. Last but not least, Wrath and Smite, in my opinion the most lethal combo there is against a non-casting mob. Wrath does moderate damage and is a needed improvement over the Crusader's old damage spell Flamestrike. Did I mention that Wrath also stuns the victim long enough to cast Smite which is the single strongest spell in a Crusader's arsenal. Both spell have increased damage to those opposite in alignment to the caster almost forcing a player to abandon neutrality.

In conclusion, a Crusader is capable of massive amounts of physical damage as well as spell damage. I believe that a Crusader played correctly is the perfect blend of magic and steel. Dam rolls of over 200 with Hit Point and Mana Point totals over 2,000 each are very easily attained. Practice and perfect the physical arts early and those of the faith later on with a blending of the two at the pinnacle of one's journey and the Crusader becomes a major force to be reckoned with.

Patron God


Spells and Abilities

Lvl Spells Preceding
1: armor
1: detect evil
1: detect good
2: cause light
2: cure light
5: continual light
5: create water
5: kick
6: Holy Might
8: create food
9: parry
10: cause serious cause light
10: cure serious cure light
10: faerie fire
10: second attack
10: homage
10: Remove paralysis
11: cure blindness
11: detect magic
14: bless
14: blindness cure blindness
17: know alignment
17: stun kick
19: detect hidden
20: detect invis
21: cause critical cause serious
21: cure critical cure serious
21: Lend health
21: Sword of righteousness
23: enhanced damage
23: Change allegiance charm person
25: cure poison
25: Holy Rage
29: dispel evil detect evil
29: dispel good
30: call lightning
33: curse remove curse
34: heal cure critical
35: push
36: sanctuary protection
36: Spiritual armor
37: fly
38: flamestrike
40: third attack second attack
45: detect poison
45: faerie fog
48: Shield of Faith
50: Wrath
55: dispel magic detect magic
55: chant earthquake
60: Kamarupa
70: Smite Wrath
75: godly steed locate object
77: mass heal heal


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: hand to hand
1: mace
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: short sword
2: small axe
2: two_handed axe axe
2: short club
3: short bow
4: small dagger
4: club short club
4: huge mace mace
4: boomrang
5: axe small axe
5: long bow short bow
5: long club club
6: crossbow long bow
6: hammer mace
7: knife
7: whip
8: spear knife
9: dagger small dagger
10: chain
10: bolt
10: lance
11: sword short sword
11: warhammer hammer
11: long whip whip
12: long knife knife
13: farming
14: rapier
15: flail
16: two_handed sword sword
16: scimitar small dagger
17: saber short sword
18: longsword sword
19: long saber saber
20: blade knife
25: patch
48: build outpost
48: dismantle tipi