Brigands are rogues who dabble a bit in the Arcane Magics. In this sense they have some things in common with Casters, but whereas the Caster is mainly focused on their spells, Brigands use their thieving skills. Brigands have some great skills of their own. A Brigand's prime stat is dexterity.

Player Review by Crysania

level: novice+

Combining cunning and mystical powers, brigands gain the best of both the magic-user and thief primary classes. Being a brigand means that you start out as more of a thief, utilizing the circle and backstab skills to advance quickly like a thief. Then towards level 43, with the knowledge of such spells as teleport behind and acid blast, you begin to switch more towards the magic-using side of your class. Yet you can save precious mana with the use of the slit skill, the brigands specialty critical hit skill which works upwards of 25% of the time. You also have some of the utility of mages and thieves, such as thief skills like peek, steal pick lock, and poison creation; and with such spells as swiftness, armor, and dispel door.

Why not play a pure thief, or a pure mage you ask? Well, one special talent of the grouping brigand is something known as stored teleport behind, which means that your teleport behind spell has been interrupted, allowing the next time you damage a mob to inflict twice the damage (three if hasted:)). Casters also can do this, but they do not have backstab, a bonus for the brigand. Couple this combo with an acid blast or two and most mobs don't stand a chance. So is a brigand as powerful as a thief? More, maybe even more than a mage. Of course you don't get any area affect spells, but hey. Just take 'em out one at a time...

Unique and fun to play, brigands in my opinion, bring together an interesting and deadly mix of mage-thief. Enjoy!

Patron Gods


Spells and Abilities

Lvl Spells Preceding
1: ventriloquate
3: dodge
5: continual light
9: hunt
10: magic missile
10: homage
14: circle
15: chill touch
15: hide
15: prepare
15: DarkBlood
17: peek
17: second attack
17: sneak hide
18: smuggler
19: backstab circle
19: minor plague
20: armor
20: shocking grasp
22: steal peek
25: burning hands magic missile
25: Blackroot
26: swiftness
26: colour spray burning hands
27: enhanced damage
30: pick lock
30: push
30: FoulOak
32: blindness cure blindness
35: Detect hidden doors pick lock
35: Whiteroot
37: create spring
40: TrollBane
43: Teleport behind
45: curse remove curse
45: Dispel door
45: Poison Ivy
49: Hobble backstab
50: Snakeroot
57: Slit
60: acid blast
65: MonkShood
70: Delirius
72: Vysaka dodge
79: Oroborus circle


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: small dagger
1: hand to hand
1: mace
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: short bow
2: short club
2: club short club
3: short sword
3: small axe
4: huge mace mace
4: boomrang
5: long bow short bow
6: axe small axe
6: knife
6: crossbow long bow
6: long club club
7: dagger small dagger
7: hammer mace
7: whip
8: spear knife
10: long dagger dagger
10: chain
10: bolt
10: blade knife
11: long knife knife
11: long whip whip
13: sword short sword
13: warhammer hammer
13: long bolt bolt
13: farming
14: rapier
15: flail
25: patch
34: huge sword longsword
54: build outpost
54: dismantle tipi