Thieves are just that, thieves. They have the ability to sneak around and hide. At higher levels they even get the ability to camouflage themselves, which allows them to hide from almost every person and mob on the mud. Thieves are also trained in the 'craft' of assassination with their circle and backstab skills. And last but not least: they know how to make powerful poisons. A Thief's prime stat is dexterity.


Player Review by Celest

The Thief has a GREAT ac advantage in the fact that their prime attribute is DEX. It might be argued that a Warrior will hit harder than a Thief, since a Warrior has a higher STR. This is not true, however. Thief specials (BS, Circle) are QUITE nice; they also hit harder than Scalp or Assault, respectively. Granted Scalp has a higher crit chance, but on a non-critical hit, BS hits harder. Also, Thieves (the only other pure physical class -i.e. no mana) get a better chance of extra attacks due to DEX bonus since their DEX is higher than a Warrior's. Thieve can use scrolls, staves, wands, etc. and also get a REAL nice ability in CAM. Thieves have it slightly rough in that they have to go traipsing all over the mud for their poison trainers but that is not a great inconvenience in these days of searching out trainers. Thieves are quite a powerful little class, all in all.

Patron Gods


Spells and Abilities

NOTE: Many of the items listed on the Thief SLIST are poisons. The exact recipe for these poisons is a well-guarded secret, learned only by exploring and talking to the Master Thieves. Thieves are a close bunch and do not take lightly to those who leak their secrets!

Lvl Spells Preceding
1: dodge
4: recognize poison
5: hunt
5: smuggler
6: prepare
6: DarkBlood
7: hide
7: circle
10: poisonous
11: backstab circle
13: sneak hide
15: peek
15: push
15: FoulOak
16: steal peek
18: second attack
20: pick lock
20: Blackroot
20: Whiteroot
25: enhanced damage
25: Snakeroot
28: disarm
30: Detect hidden doors pick lock
30: Somnus
30: TrollBane
35: MonkShood
36: third attack second attack
37: enhanced backstab
40: Poison Ivy
45: Pacific
50: Marin Touch
55: Twilight
55: Delirius
60: Spurge
65: Crowfoot
73: cameleon
94: Nightshade


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: small dagger
1: short bow
1: hand to hand
1: mace
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: short club
3: small axe
3: boomrang
4: short sword
4: club short club
5: long bow short bow
5: blade knife
6: knife
6: crossbow long bow
6: long club club
7: dagger small dagger
7: axe small axe
7: hammer mace
7: whip
8: spear knife
10: long dagger dagger
10: sword short sword
10: chain
10: long knife knife
10: bolt
11: long whip whip
13: farming
15: rapier
15: flail
17: claw sword
18: longsword sword
25: patch
50: build outpost
50: dismantle tipi