An Adept is a spellcasting scribe. They have much in common with Clerics, but there are some big differences. They are less proficient in the use of healing magics. Adepts have dabbled in the mages' Arcane Magic department a bit to make up for that. This allows them to cast some damaging spells during combat. They also have the use of transportation spells and last but not least: they are able to write the spells they know on scrolls for the use of others and themselves. An Adept's prime stat is wisdom.

Player Review by Celest

Cross between a cleric and a mage, strong on the cleric. Adepts get most of the cure spells (all the way to heal) and most of the nice remove type spells (remove curse, blindness, etc.). Adepts also get a (as I understand it) pretty nice offensive spell in their ACID BOLT. Having never grouped with or played an adept, I would not know about the potency of this spell. The best asset of an adept IMHO is their ability to scribe scrolls. Sure, these scrolls cost a bit to scribe (both in $$ and in mana) but you could make back on auction what it costs for a slough of scrolls. Also, scribing SANCT scrolls gives the adept an ability markedly similar to a cleric. The ability to cast sanct on another player. In addition, one could never get too full to recite a scroll, as is the case with potions and grains and pills and etc. This and this alone, is why I carry a SCROLL of emergency instead of a potion of emergency.
Anyway, just my 2 cents...

Patron Gods

Linden, Armoth

Spells and Abilities

Lvl Spells Preceding
1: armor
2: cause light
2: cure light
3: magic missile
5: create water
8: create food
8: Frost Bite
9: cause serious cause light
10: cure serious cure light
10: homage
10: minor cockroach
11: cure blindness
11: detect evil
11: detect magic
12: faerie fire
12: blink
12: Shrunk
13: Pyrotechnics
14: bless
14: blindness cure blindness
14: Static Discharge
15: Group teleport
16: know alignment
17: cause critical cause serious
17: continual light
17: refresh
18: Rod knowledge
19: detect hidden
20: cure critical cure serious
20: detect invis
20: Control wind chant
21: burning hands magic missile
25: cure poison
27: Hypnotic Pattern burning hands
28: poison detect poison
29: dispel evil detect evil
30: major cockroach minor cockroach
32: infravision
33: curse remove curse
35: identify
36: sanctuary protection
37: create spring
37: fly
38: flamestrike
40: enhanced damage
40: Blade Barrier
42: heal cure critical
43: Memorize location
43: Return
44: haste
45: detect poison
45: faerie fog
45: Water breath
50: Fire Protection
54: Acid Bolt
55: summon
57: scribe
60: dispel magic detect magic
60: real vision detect hidden
65: Connection blast
70: locate object identify
80: godly steed locate object


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: short bow
1: hand to hand
1: mace
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: small dagger
2: small axe
2: short club
3: short sword
3: club short club
4: huge mace mace
4: boomrang
5: long club club
6: hammer mace
7: axe small axe
7: whip
8: dagger small dagger
8: spear knife
9: knife
10: bolt
11: long dagger dagger
11: long knife knife
11: warhammer hammer
11: long whip whip
12: sword short sword
13: long bolt bolt
13: farming
25: patch