A mage is a spellcaster knowledged in the Arcane Magics. Mages have a wide range of combat/attack-spells and a lot utility spells as well. By being dedicated to the use of magic, they neglected training on physical skills. This makes them weak on the part of physical combat and choice of weapons. But of course, a well placed fireball works just as well most of the time, just keep watch on your amount of mana. A Mage's prime stat is intelligence.

Player Review by Celest

Low level mages are slightly difficult to play because of their low amounts of hp's. However, the mage is rewarded at higher levels with greater skills and spells. Mages are probably the most independent class above level 40 or so. Whatever level mages get soulsteal and energy drain; this is when a mage will become almost completely independent. Because of this ability to 'suck' the mana and hp's out of mobs around MA2, mages (in theory) need never stop to regen.

Mages also have VERY potent spell abilities and can dole out some serious damage. Also, mages get utility-type spells; such as recharge, portal, homage, shield, armor, invis, fly, locate object, etc. All of these traits make mages quite competent above level 40. OH, don't forget, mages also enchant weapons - a skill that makes you high level mage quite sought after.

Patron Gods

Trueblood, Gendolyn, Piper, Mage

Spells and Abilities

Lvl Spells Preceding

1: ventriloquate
1: blink
3: magic missile
5: chill touch
5: detect invis
5: detect magic
8: shocking grasp
10: homage
10: minor plague
11: continual light
11: faerie fire
11: invis detect invis
11: Shrunk
13: armor
14: burning hands magic missile
14: refresh
17: infravision
19: fly
19: weaken
20: blindness cure blindness
20: giant strength weaken
21: colour spray burning hands
21: Ice Storm
22: know alignment
22: teleport
23: Soulsteal
27: create spring
27: haste
27: identify
28: lightning bolt
28: locate object identify
28: Glitterdust
29: Web
30: major plague minor plague
30: Chain lightning
33: curse remove curse
33: enchant weapon detect magic
33: enhanced damage
35: fireball colour spray
35: shield armor
36: energy drain detect evil
37: Viscous cloud
39: charm person
39: sleep
40: Ray of enfeeblement weaken
41: Warp flesh
42: mass invis invis
43: dispel magic detect magic
45: Cone of Cold
47: stone skin armor
47: Recharge
50: real vision detect hidden
54: Crystal ball locate object
55: Water breath
60: huge plague major plague
63: acid breath
63: Wall of force
70: pass door
70: Advanced invisibility invis
71: fire breath fireball
75: Ober otto portal
75: Close portal
76: Become etheral pass door
80: frost breath chill touch
89: gas breath
96: lightning breath lightning bolt


Lv Spells Preceding

1: normal
1: small dagger
1: hand to hand
1: fire
1: endurance
1: hide inventory
2: short bow
2: short club
3: club short club
4: short sword
6: long club club
7: dagger small dagger
7: knife
7: whip
8: spear knife
10: long dagger dagger
10: long knife knife
13: sword short sword
13: farming
25: patch