There are lots of items in mystic adenture that have magical effects when you use them. These can help or hinder you according to the item, so it's a good idea to know what's what!

In ancient times, the legendary adventurers Larathia and Oyg each drew up a remarkable set of pages covering all the potions, pills, wands, and staves that she has found on her travels across Mystic. Their lists includes item name, description, affect, and location, and should be considered indespensible to anyone who gravitates to the magical on Mystic. Some of their wisdom is reproduced below for your benefit today.

the magic items fall into five broad categories.


Although normally refered to as "pills", this category includes all sorts of things that you can eat to trigger a magic effect. To use one, type:

eat <name of object>

Be careful!

List of Pills


These are fluids that you can consume to cause a magic effect. Potions can't be auctioned or dropped - or at least that's what larathia says about them - so be careful about picking up moer than you need or the wrong type! To use of of your potions, type:

quaff <name of potion>

(Note that this is different to non-magical liquids, which you consume using the command "drink".)

If the potion came in a flask, bottle, etc, that container will disappear after you have quaffed it.

List of Potions


These are ancient documents that contain spells or incantations. Unlike potions they can be auctioned or dropped - according to the writings of larathia. To use one type:

recite <name of scroll>

Some scrolls cast a spell that can be targetted at another person or object next to you. To do this you'd type:

recite <name of scroll> <name of person or object>

Each scroll can only be used once. Invoking the scroll's magic will make the scroll disappaer or be destroyed.

List of Scrolls


Although normally refered to as "staves" (singular: staff), this category includes all sorts of objects that have a magical effect that is invoked, just by brandishing
them around! According to Larathia these can be auctioned and dropped. To use them you need to hold them first. The commands are:

hold <name of staff>

Unlike pills, potions and scrolls, most staves can be used more than once. The number of "charges" of magic is shown as a number in the item description. Let this number get down to zero and the staff will explode! - these items are fragile you know!

Mages (level 47 and higher) can learn the abilty to "recharge" staves so that their magic can be reused more. If you are not a mage yourself, you may able to find one who will recharge your staff for you if you ask nicely enough!

Finally, some staffs have other magical effects on you as a result of you holding them. check on all those numbers in "score" to see what gets changed!

List of Staves


The traditional wand is a thin wooden rod that is held in one hand, but many other objects in Mystic Adventure that have become magically charged can be used in the same way - such as an icicle or a monster's floppy tentacle. (Ok i may have made that last one up, but you never know!) Latharia says wands can be auctioned or dropped.

You need to be holding your wand before you can use it (duh!). The commands to use your wand on someone are:

hold <name of wand>
zap <name of person>

The spell that is produced may be good or bad, so be careful who you target! If you are fighting, you don't need to type the name of the person, you can just do:


This will target your opponent in battle.Unlike pills, potions and scrolls, most wands can be used more than once. Just like staves, the number of "charges" of magic is shown as a number in the item description. Let the number get down to zero and the wand will explode and it will be gone!

Also like staves, wands can be recharged by mages (level 47 and highr) who have practiced the necesary skill, and merely holding a wand in your hand can have a magical effect on you (good or bad) in addition to what happens when you "zap" someone with it.

List of Wands

PS: it is also possible to have enchanted armor/clothes or weapons. Wearing these can have a magic benefit over and above wearing standard items. Some of them can even improve your gains if you are wearing them when you raise a level! Unfortunately there is no list so tou'll have to explore and find them yourself. :)