Over the years lots of people have been involved in building Mystic Adventure and making it what it is today. This page tries to acknowledge and honour them. No doubt smoe - perhaps many- will have been missed. If you know of someone who who ought to be listed here, please send a note to the admins from within the game explaining how they have contributed.

The Software on which Mystic Adventure is based

Mystic Adventure is based on free MUD software called Merc 2.2, and that in turn is base on Diku MUD.

The founders of Mystic Adventure (and other immortals) added a huge number of enhancements and new features to the game making it what it is today. The founders are:

Sphynx : Alain-Daniel Bourdages
Cobra : Hugo Julien
Keops : Patrice LaRoche
Goose : Marc-Andre Gosselin
Wimp : Jean-Francois Bohemier

The current administrators of the game are Candor, Armoth and Jadrek.

Credits for Diku MUD

Original game idea, concept, and design:

Katja Nyboe [Superwoman] (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Tom Madsen [Stormbringer](This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Hans Henrik Staerfeldt [God] (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Michael Seifert [Papi] (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Sebastian Hammer [Quinn] (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Additional contributions from:

Michael Curran - player title collection and additional locations.
Ragnar Loenn - the bulletin board.
Bill Wisner - for being the first to successfully port the game,
uncovering several old bugs, uh, inconsistencies,
in the process.

And: Mads Haar and Stephan Dahl for additional locations.

Developed at: DIKU -- The Department of Computer Science
at the University of Copenhagen.

credits for Merc

This mud is based on Merc 2.2, created by Kahn, Hatchet, and Furey. 
Merc 2.2 is an upgrade from Merc 2.1, created by Furey, Hatchet, and Kahn.
Merc 2.2 is available as Merc_22.tar.gz from ferkel.ucsb.edu (most files
moved to ftp.tcp.com), ftp.math.okstate.edu, marble.bu.edu, zen.btc.uwe.ac.uk
E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' to join the merc mailing list.

Thanks to ...
... Diku Mud for starting it all.
... The Free Software Foundation and DJ Delorie for kick-ass tools.
... Copper Mud and Alfa Mud for releasing their code and worlds.
... Aod of Generic for ... well, everything. You're a hoopy frood, Aod.
... Alander for many ideas and contributions.
... John Brothers of Silly for permission to use Silly code and worlds.
... Zrin for administering the mailing list.
... Abaddon for proofreading our comm.c.
... Hind, Quin, Vic, Diavolo, Oleg, and others for porting help.
... Diavolo, Grodyn, Morgenes, Da Pub, Loki, Talen, Kalgen, Sludge,
The Crew of Salems Lot, and others for code and bug fixes.
... N'Atas-Ha for MOBPrograms and the pager skeleton and Blackstar
for the improvements and ideas to the pager.
... Raff, Doctor, VampLestat, Nirrad, Tyrst, PinkF, Chris for worlds.
... Ikee, Chaos, Kraze, Maxx, Thoth, Zolstead, Zavod, VampLestat, Cyric,
Kelvin, and Jackal for extensively playtesting MERC 2.2 and providing
constructive input.
... the players and imps of Mud Dome, Final Mud, Mud Lite, Vego Mud,
Rivers of Mud, Ruhr Mud, Mystic Realms, 4th Realm, Dragon Mud, and
Salems Lot for bug reports, ideas, new code, and hours of enjoyment.

Share and enjoy.
MERC Industries


Over the years many players and immortals have added to and improved all the rooms, objects and charactesr that exist within the game. The rooms and the things in them area organised into "areas". A full list of the areas and their authors acn be cound on our areas page.

Web Site

The Mystic Adventure web pages were originally maintained by Rob Stuart (Charz). He took a year off to serve an internship for college back in early 1995 and handed the reins to Patrice LaRoche (Keops). HIstory becomes a bit garbled at this point - however Kethry, Tealin, Theia and Gorph all seem to have had a hand in maintaining the pages.



So many people have written web content about Mystic Adventure it is hard to list them all! Here are some that i know about:

Mystic admins - area info and descriptions, getting started guide (?), class info

Clan leaders past and present - clan info

Abigayle - class reviews

Celest - class reviews

Crysania - class reviews

Fife - maps, origin story

Galgoth - maps

Gorph - maps, web site (general)

Johanna - overview map

Kereal - helping track down old content to add

Latharia - magic items

Neeva - maps

Oyg - magic items, maps

Sauli - maps

Thalia - web site (general)

Xeron - maps and area guides

Xthirsis - maps

Thanks are also due to the folk over at the Internet Archive for saving a lot of this material from being lost forever!

Images and Art work used on the web site (at least historically)

Rulers and Initials: I found these at Craig Clark's UWA site. He apparently designed the rulers himself and found the initials in a book of copyright-free images for graphic artists. He also includes a listing of background sites, along with samples.
Main page title image: Cropped from a piece of cover art (title/artist unknown, 95k) from one of Johnathan Wylie's books. If anyone knows the book title or artist, I'd appreciate a note about it.

Distant Shores title image: Tree of Knowledge, a metal gate by Enrique Vega, Artist/Blacksmith

Clan page coat of arms: I took this image from a picture I found at the Sonneburg Collection website. It's from a wooden panel representing Julius von Boehn's Coat of Arms.


The player community is key to what makes the game wonderful! There have been many over the years - loyal, helpful and brave adventurers. Thank you all!