Although this picture is not actually an album cover, Fife thinks that it could be. With only one semester to go before he earns his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Fife is wondering if he would have been better off becoming a wandering minstrel in real life, or perhaps a potter. He and Tealin have been married for a year and a half and sharing a computer for several more years on top of that. He hopes that he can convince her to buy a second computer, and a third phone line some day. As Mystic's minstrel, Fife has busied himself with translating the sagas of Mystic's past. His wanderings also make him an excellent assistant to McCthulu, Mystic's Cartographer.


Fife rests on the beach for a little snack after a hard paddle. Tealin was taking the picture, of course. Her kayak is the fuschia one on the right. Fife has to settle for a borrowed boat. What's with the rather large stick tied to Fife's kayak, you ask? Well...there was this stick on the beach. was smooth. looked like it wanted to be to be a ditjeridu. Leave it the the Wandering Minstrel to find instruments that just aren't there. The stick is still around, not quite a ditjeridu yet. Actually, it's still just a stick.