This is one of our younger imms, here on Mystic. It's amazing that this little tyke has learned to type at such an early age, not to mention read and write. Extremely mature, despite his apparent youth, Camden was also the clan leader for Trekkers as a mortal. I seriously doubt that the majority of Trekkers, or the imms who promoted him have seen this picture. Surprise, surprise!

Camden (again)

Ahhhh. Here we see the real Camden, quite a bit older than above. A simple mix-up in photographs, or did the pressures of immhood age him before his time? Camden is a graduate student at North Carolina State University, in Paper something or other. He has the dubious honor of being Manta's roommate. He has this to say about Manta: "When he's not eating, he's sleeping." Hmmmmm.


The webmaster herself. Tealin is married to Fife in real life, but refuses to marry him on Mystic, much to his disgruntlement. Like the druidess she portrays, she is more at home in the forest when not in front of the keyboard. She is a graduate student at University of Alaska-Fairbanks, studying Environmental Engineering. Whether or not she will actually finish her thesis is another matter entirely. She has the pleasure of listening to Fife's minstreling, and reports that he is quite good.


Although this picture is not actually an album cover, Fife thinks that it could be. With only one semester to go before he earns his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Fife is wondering if he would have been better off becoming a wandering minstrel in real life, or perhaps a potter. He and Tealin have been married for a year and a half and sharing a computer for several more years on top of that. He hopes that he can convince her to buy a second computer, and a third phone line some day. As Mystic's minstrel, Fife has busied himself with translating the sagas of Mystic's past. His wanderings also make him an excellent assistant to McCthulu, Mystic's Cartographer.


Unlike his namesake druid, Allanon is an open, friendly sort, completely opposite in temperment from the Terry Brooks character. He wasn't one to ever turn someone in need away when he was a player, and he hasn't changed as an imm. Since imming, he's been heavily involved in area work. Many of you have probably already had the priviledge of, exploring in his Mystical Castle, just recently opened. In the mundane world of reality, he's a student at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in computer science.


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