Who is that man under the box?

Standing up: Elrod, Sphynx, Wimp and Whizbang. Lower: Cobra, Keops and the Mystery Man. Lower right corner, sitting on the couch is Sphynx's girlfriend, Nadia.

The Four Implementors

Sphynx, Wimp, Keops and Cobra at Wimp's house in Quebec City during a party when Whizbang visited.

The gang takes a stroll to the St-Lawrence River

Keops, Susan (Elrod's girl friend), Elrod, Whizbang, Wimp, and Sphynx. All went to the plains of Quebec City and the shores of the St-Lawrence River the day after the big party. No hangovers here!

The gang

The gang did some more sightseeing. You can see Quebec City, home of Miniac and our favorite mud, off in the distance. Elrod gestures grandly at nothing in particular. That's so like him.


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