Kasshyyyk, commonly known as Wookie, is an area styled after the Wookies, from the movie Return of the Jedi. This area was created by Goose and Garau and is located on Orient Road, west of the Monestary, and about 1/3 of the way to Nippon. Entrance to Kasshyyyk is restricted by the Immortals to levels 50 and higher, and is recommended for levels 80 - 99. Characters in the 50 - 80 range could survive there if grouped properly (warriors and clerics, for example).

The layout of the area is one tall trees connected by branches. There are upper and lower main levels, plus a small third level. The only aggressive mobs in the area are Burning Wookies, Treasure Guards, and Kshyy vines. All aggressives are sentinal, but quite dangerous. Wookie dogs are guards, so they will attack you if they walk in during a fight. Recently wookies have been upgraded so they attack with scalp and assault, with no lag on either, so they are quite a bit tougher than they used to be.

Mob Difficulty in Ascending Order

Wookie Child
Wookie Dog
Lost Wookie
Wookie Guard
Wookie Hunter
Wookie Warrior
Burning Wookies
Kshyy vine

There are several useful items to be found in Kasshyyyk. These include Ring of Fire, Malkyyrsh's Staff, Kshyy Ropes, wroshyr leaf, Dog Collar, and Cape of Fur:


Ring of Fire is a reboot item found in the area of Kasshyyyk containing the burning wookies. Unless you are a thief with cam it is rather hard to get to, although most level 99 chars would be able to do it. This is the ring of choice for all fighter types, as it is the best +damage finger wear until the very rare Death Ring.

Ring's of fire are typically level 80 - 83, but can be as low as level 77.

Here is what identify reveals about this item:

Object 'ring fire' is type armor, extra flags glow invis magic.
Weight is 3, value is 20000, level is 78.
Armor class is 16.
Worn:Takeable Finger Affects damage roll by 9.
Affects mana by 125.
Affects hp by 150.
Affects moves by 175.
Affects armor class by -9.


Malkyyrsh's Staff is a reboot item carried by Malkyyrsh, a sancted wookie found in a remote corner of the area. The staff he carries is the best +mana holdable in the game, thus is in high demand by all spellcasters. The only drawback to this item is that it is a staff, and can thus be brandished, destroying it.

Malkyyrsh's Staff's are typically level 87 - 90, but can be as low as level 85.

Here is what identify reveals about this item:

Object 'staff' is type staff, extra flags magic.
Weight is 2, value is 10, level is 88.
Has 1(1) charges of level 87 'Blacksphere' Affects mana by 400.

Dog Collars are a repop item worn by all wookie dogs. This is the neckware of choice for fighter types in from level 73 or so, to level 90. They are the best +dam neckware until Square Scarfs.

Dog Collar's are typically level 75 - 78, but can be as low as level 73.

Here is what identify reveals about this item:

Object 'collar' is type armor, extra flags none.
Weight is 5, value is 0, level is 76.
Armor class is 13.
Worn:Takeable Neck Affects damage roll by 10.
Affects hp by -75.
Affects mana by -100.