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About The Keep

The Keep is modeled after a frontier castle, and is located in the forest near Yggdrasil, North of Solace. This area was created by Beet (according to the area list) and is recommended for levels 65 - 99. While there are mobs in here that a level 65 could handle with no real problem, most of the aggressive mobs are tough for even level 99's. There is no minimum level restrictions imposed by the immortals for entrance to the area, so it is occasionally necessary to rescue an adventurous explorer, who assumed that he was in just another part of the forest.

The Keep is home to the infamous Slicers. Slicers are sancted, aggressive mobs, that attack with 5+ attacks per round, plus gas breath. Also found there are Guards, Priests, acolytes, and Large Hoods. All are aggressive, and most sancted as well.

The main reason people go to The Keep (other than Death Thrills) is to get the Talon. The mob that carries the talon (the Thing) is non-aggressive, but has 5+ attacks, as well as gas breath.

The Talon is the best weapon currently available in Mystic Adventure. The Talon is a reboot item, and does not appear every reboot, and when it does is often too a level to use. Still, it is worth the effort it takes to get one (if you can use it). You must have a strength of 25 to wield this weapon, thus unless you are a warrior, samuari, and highwayman, look elsewhere. This is what identify reveals about this weapon:

Object 'talon hand' is type weapon, extra flags glow hum magic.
Weight is 50, value is 0, level is 99.
Damage is 27 to 81 (average 53).
Proficiency needed for the weapon is: normal
Type of damage: slash
Affects damage roll by 8.
Affects hit roll by 12.
Affects armor class by -25.
Affects damage roll by 40.
Affects mana by -1000.
Affects hp by 200.
Affects hit roll by 30.

If you see an info about someone getting killed by 'guard', they you can be pretty sure a Keep CR is in the works. Since all the aggressive mobs in here can see invisible, it is best to have a cameleoned thief find the corpse, then use him as a portal target to a room close by. Keep in mind that there is no way to walk to a slicer or a guard without first going past the priest and large hoods near the entrance, so if someone dies to either of these mobs, they either steeded there, or were playing with teleport. In either case, you may wish to reconsider doing the CR.