A character's attributes, also known as 'stats' are the components that help define them. These attributes are made up of their Strength (str), Intelligence (int), Wisdom (wis), Dexterity (dex), Constitution (con) and Luck (luc). It is a mix of these components that not only starts an adventurer on their way through the lands of Mystic, but helps shape them as they grow along the way.

You can improve your attributes as you progress through the game by undertaking training.


Strength is an attribute that allows you to hit harder. Gaining strength not only allows you to carry more weight, but increases your damroll. Some items may require you have to have a certain amount of strength before you can use them. A higher strength when leveling plays a small, but important role in how many practices you receive as you gain in level. Those with strength as a prime stat fall into the category of warrior and will be affected by any item that is anti-warrior.


Intelligence is the primary stat for many classes, the higher your intelligence, the more effectively your spells will be used (ie higher int, less chance of failure when casting). A high intelligence plays a large role in how many practices you receive as you gain in level, it also is a deciding factor in the mana gained per level. Those with the prime stat of intelligence fall into the category of mage, and will be affected by any item that is anti-mage.


Wisdom plays a vital and key role in how many practices one receives as they gain in level. It is very important to have your wisdom as high as possible when advancing in level. Those with a prime stat of wisdom fall into the category of cleric, so they will be affected by any items that are anti-cleric.


Constitution is an attribute that increases ones health. It plays a very important function when advancing, for the higher your constitution, the more hitpoints one may gain when leveling.


Luck plays a very integral role in the life of one's character. It is a very mysterious role however, and noone is sure what exactly luck affects, except to say that it factors in to all that is done with or to one's character. There is currently no known way to increase one's luck.