The temple cities of Mystic are denoted by astericks in the temple room title. Each temple city provides shelter, food, armor, a bank, hospital, and have all the latest technologies such sewers. They, like all realms of the mud, are interconnected via the road and river system. Players are encouraged to move out of their starting cities and explore - smoe of the temple cities are peaceful,others wild and unruly. The cities of Akaikiku and Stratz in particular, provide attractions more suited for players who have wetted their blade a bit.

Many players enjoy mapping and exploring as much if not more than fighting and leveling. Some of them have provided maps for all to enjoy and benefit from.

If you have maps that you'd like to see included here, just drop the admins a note or e-mail. Include your URL, name on Mystic, and whether you'd like to remain anonymous.

Fife adn Tealin

After the Mystic landscape underwent a major upheaval a while back, during which areas and transportation routes shifted into a more geographically coherent form, Fife prepared a rough overview map of the new lands, as well as agraphic of the new Mydgaard.

Fife and Tealin also drew up maps of temple city, which are now available to purchase from a shop in each city for a nominal fee. In all cases the shop is within easy walking distance of the temple. Go explore and find them youself! :)


Johanna also drew an Overview Map of Mystic Adventure, based o the area layout as it was in October 1999. 

Oyg, Gorph and friends

Oyg drew a large number of ASCII maps with hypertext links for navigating from area to area. Oyg's maps of Underdark and Mega-Maze First Floor are must-sees! The maps were then expanded and updated by Gorph and others, including newer areas such as the recently discovered continent upon where Anasazi is found.

View the ASCII map collection

Key to Oyg's Maps of Mystic Adventure


Xeron has mapped Keep, Lost Valley, Wookies, Mega Maze, MegaMaze Basement & the Airy Citadel. He gives a brief description of each area, replete with warnings of aggressive mobs and the statistics on any notable items. Originally he also gave the choice of previewing one of his maps or downloading it in postscript form. He's done a beautiful job.

Sadly i have not been able to find xeron's maps other thanLost Valley, , only his info/advice for the other areas:

Credits for Historic Explorers and Mappers

Legendary documents that are pending archiological experditions to rcover them!


Lameer has created ASCII maps of all the low level areas and travel routes between them. Dwarven Daycare, Elemental Canyon, Kraig's Keep, Mydgaard, Mystic Academy, Shire, Thrull, the Sewers, and part of the river system are already posted, just to name a few. He also has a nifty search engine set up which allows players to look for areas by either name or level.

Protector's Clan

The Protectors Clan members have drawn up more than a dozen ASCII maps of various areas.


Larathia drew some maps, but we don't seem to have links to them any more. She did however create extensives list of potions, pills, wands, and staves that she found on her travels across Mystic. The list includes item name, description, affect, and location, and should be considered indespensible to anyone who gravitates to the magical on Mystic. This information can now be found via our Magical Items page.