Milarbor is a small city set in the eastern forest of Mystic Adventure. In Milarbor, as with every other TEMPLE city in Mystic Adventure, there is a cartography shop where adventurers can purchase various MAPS to help guide them on their journeys. Milarbor's wooded marketplace has a wide variety of supplies and services to help anyone, from the novice adventurer to the most battle hardened warlord. Milarbor's citizens consist mostly of good-natured elves, sprites, pixies and other faerie folk. The sprite militia patrols Milarbor, assuring that her streets are safe.

The city of Milarbor is protected by the Clan PoInTy. The Clan PoInTy was formed to protect Milarbor and aid Elephenor "Fungustooth" Maeshel in defeating the rampaging red dragon that was threatening to obliterate the peaceful city of Milarbor. Armed with only a sharpened stick, General Maeshel charged the enemy and slew the dragon with one swift stroke of that stick. Ever since that great day, that stick has resided in the PoInTy clan hall, located in the Mystic Adventure Academy, for all to view.

Resident Clans

The Brotherhood of the Sacred Pointy Stick


Oyg's Map of Milarbor {1-50}


There is no Elf and Safety inspector here. (groan!)