One of the oldest and most historic cities, Mydgaard serves as a crossroads connecting much of the Eastern Seaboard with the cities of the west. A small logging town turned thriving metropolis, Mydgaard serves as a landmark for its history and culture - the lure which attracted the poets and bards of Clan Escapade. A vast array of skilled artisans, craftsmen and tradesfolk of all sorts call Mydgaard home. See the awesome might of Forseti. Try one of Tika's world-renowned tarts. Seek the wisdom of the journeymen who have traveled the land far and wide. Everything you need to begin a successful adventuring career can be found within the walls of this mighty city.

Resident Clans

Muses of the Escapade


Fife's Map of Mydgaard (Overview)

Oyg's Map of Mydgaard {all}


Mydgaard is based on Midgaard, the realm enhabited by humans in Norse mythology. Our knowledge of Norse mythology comes mainly from 13th century texts known as the Eddas, written by the Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson. The Mystic Adventure area includes Snorri as a character.